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Weft Hair 150gram 18/20"

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18/20″ Superweft 150g

18/20″ Superweft 150g

Superweft Double Drawn 18/20″.

Hair Kings double drawn superweft extensions are made using 100% human remy indian hair.

Double drawn means thick from root to tip resulting in a much more full finished look.

Our full superwefts 18/20″ & 22/24″ boast a whole 150g of luxurious hair.

*Hair lengths will vary between the two lengths, but never shorter than the shortest length described)

*18/20″ full 150g weft (approx width  42″-50″    )

50g weft (approx width 14″-17″”      )

*Double wefted

*This weft has a machine made track and the track is stitched, therefore when the hair weft is cut there can be some loose hair that will come away. This product can shed. We advise a flat weft/ so secret weft for minimal shedding.

*  Lifespan up to 9 months with correct aftercare and regular professional maintenance appointments. We recommend using our Hair Kings shampoo and conditioner. We advise up to 9 months but will not be held responsible if products do not reach that timeframe. We can not be held responsible for the end users lack of care/maintenance.

**Please be made aware, because of the way our rooted shades are processed, there can be fading to the root shade . This can be evident as early as 6 weeks after initial fitting and is not a fault with the product. We are not held responsible for any hair colours that do not meet expectation when a hair dye is reapplied, this is always at your own risk. We do offer the shades without a rooted shade pre applied. We don’t recommend the use of OGX aftercare. We advise professional salon products to be used with the exception of Olaplex.

We are aware sulphate free hair care is so gentle to the hair and from time to time a build up can be felt on the hair where the sulphate free product has failed to remove product build up etc. In this instance we advise a purifying shampoo and a deep condition afterwards. This is not advised every wash as the hair can become dry/brittle.

Our hair products are processed from a ‘real’ product and will perform exactly like that of natural hair.  Some donors hair may hold a style longer than another donors hair, some may require more maintenance than a previous set. It is impossible to advise 2 sets will react/behave the same. We would not deem this as a fault. We can not guarantee every set of extensions will hold a style.

Please note hair will fade just like the natural hair shade fades and this can be evident sooner in ash toned shades and speciality shades eg white blondes, silver, rooted shades.

**Please read our Ts & Cs, and agree before continuing to purchase this product**